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Redesign of the flagship programme: "Revitalisation"

First introduced to help solve problems on newsletter registration forms Campaign Monitor, bebold has gradually managed to increase the number of interventions. After supporting the clinic on various tasks and being able to demonstrate our qualities in terms of speed and efficiency, more creative projects have emerged.

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Our first creative project was the redesign of the page of the flagship care program: "Revitalisation". From a brochure sent by the graphic team, bebold was able to align itself with the branding of the clinic and faithfully respect its image. Particular care has been taken with the responsive mobile to present the page as cleanly as possible on all mobile devices (smartphone and tablet). To do this, an adaptation of the Drupal CMS had to be made respecting the work that had previously been done.
During a meeting with Clinique La Prairie, bebold proposed the creation of a diagnostic tool for prospects. The purpose of this tool is to ask a series of questions to users to understand their profile. When a user answers all the questions, he or she is directed to a results page that tells him or her what percentage of compatibility with the various fitness programs has been achieved. The program most likely to match is highlighted, then the others are displayed below by decreasing compatibility percentage.
To give birth to this extraordinary project, a new name was introduced: "Revelator". Clinique La Prairie has also given careful consideration to the number of questions to be asked, their wording and the weighting of responses in relation to the various programs.

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Many hospitals have doctors and operating rooms; many hotels have beautiful spas; but for a long time, no one had offered a combination of the two. We are this new world.

Simone Gibertoni

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Clinique La Prairie Clinique La Prairie

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