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Ramon and Pedro

Agency and production company with a plus

Discover how our technology expertise and close collaboration with the customer transformed Ramon + Pedro's website into a tailor-made digital experience.

technologies used

  • Laravel logo


  • MySQL logo


  • Vue JS logo

    Vue JS

  • Nuxt JS logo

    Nuxt JS

  • Javascript logo


work done

  • Radu Marmaziu logo Radu Marmaziu
    • creative directing
    • project management
  • Maxence Bender logo Maxence Bender
    • project management
  • Benoît Dapoigny logo Benoît Dapoigny
    • Front-End development
    • tailor-made admin
  • Sébastien Schlichting logo Sébastien Schlichting
    • UX/UI design
    • Front-End development
  • Cédric Cholley logo Cédric Cholley
    • Back-End development

Our agency took up the challenge of redesigning the website of Ramon + Pedro, a renowned Lausanne-based production agency. The project involved creating a unique website, suited to their prestige. For this, we used Vue.js and Nuxt.js for efficient server-side rendering, and Laravel PHP for a robust backend. Our goal was to ensure a smooth user experience, both on desktop and mobile, immersing visitors in the world of Ramon + Pedro without visual interruptions. The active participation and design experience of the client were crucial. This collaboration led to a very good result, combining our technical skills with their aesthetic vision.

Together, we refined the design, adding our digital touch. A significant innovation was the integration of a jukebox player for their showreels, allowing intuitive navigation through clicks or swipes. Furthermore, we integrated an illustrative mini-chat, adding dynamism and interactivity to the site.

Our hard work of 650 hours focused not only on the visible aspect of the site but also on creating a custom API and management system, intuitive and easy to handle.

The site's performance is remarkable, with a 90% score on Lighthouse tests, enabling project page loading in less than 2 seconds. This project was the work of 5 people over 5 months.

  • #000000
  • #FD021E
  • Total of working hours 650
  • Performance on Lighthouse ~90%
  • Contributors and months of work 5
Ramon and Pedro Ramon and Pedro

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