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Mondays is a Swiss digital agency active in signage strategy, community management, content creation and training.

technologies used

  • Laravel logo


  • MySQL logo


  • Vue JS logo

    Vue JS

  • Nuxt JS logo

    Nuxt JS

  • Javascript logo


work done

  • Radu Marmaziu logo Radu Marmaziu
    • project management
    • directing
  • Jonas Reymondin logo Jonas Reymondin
    • Front-End development
  • Quentin Meyer logo Quentin Meyer
    • Back-End development
    • tailor-made administration

The story begins with the friend from Radu, Andrea Zornio freshly landed at Mondays Agency as Interactive Media Designer. The two people know each other well and share the same Swiss Jura origins.
Andrea, responsible for the new Mondays identity, proposed our company for the creation of the website. Mondays took care of the entire design. Our agency suggested ideas of interactions and designed the milimetric animations for this website. An original idea on this project: the possibility to change your mood with a button/smiley at the top right of the page and the question that comes randomly and offers us to choose between "Vader Forever" or "Skywalker is the best". We particularly appreciate this kind of tailor-made work because it is at the border between creativity and technique, which allows us to exercise the full range of our knowledge.
Vincent Bifrare, CEO of Mondays, demanding and conscientious, has been really present to ensure the quality of the project.

Result of this beautiful collaboration: this project won the prize on awwwards of Honorable Mention and the very nice score of 7.75.

  • #0077FF
  • #05010b
  • #f2f3f4

Still on the wrong side of the Force ?
Vader Forever or Skywalker is best

  • Total of working hours 358
  • Rating on awwwards 7.75
  • duration of the project 5 months
Mondays Mondays

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